Scapers is all about bringing together Australia’s diverse landscape, seascape, cityscape and aerial photography community.

We are a group of passionate photographers who meet regularly to shoot and discuss gear, news and rumours within the photography world. We host small workshops, big instameets, processing tutorials and discuss whatever thoughts come into our heads during our podcasts.

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Hello! I’m Simon, and I’m absolutely addicted to photography. I picked up a camera back in early 2016 and have been shooting pretty much non stop since then. I started off developing an interest in the technical aspects of photography and then moved on to learning about the more artistic elements. I love capturing mood…

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Matt Barry, AKA “The technical department” is a photography purist. Whilst he regularly shares his images on facebook and instagram, he never gets caught up in the followers and likes game. His passion is shooting sunsets, sunrises and capturing stunning water flow in the process. He’ll talk all day about composition, lighting and epic weather…

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