Sunday 20th October – 4:00pm

We’re going to make this our biggest one yet!


Join us for a sunset BBQ and shoot at one of Sydney’s most photogenic sunset locations! Our last meet here was a huge success and this time we want to go even bigger. We want to give everyone the opportunity to meet and learn from their favourite local photographers, Everyone in this amazing community has been super friendly so make sure you come along, have a bite to eat and say hi!

There is a huge range of composition options down here, and plenty of room for everyone to capture some unique shots, from flow down on the island itself, to super long exposures up on the hilltop. There really is something for everyone here.

Nisi Filters and Sirui Tripods have always been huge supporters of ours and will be bringing along the latest in gear for you to demo on the day, while the legends at Macarthur Camera house will have some of the newest in camera tech for you to test out.

Our goal has always been to unite the Australian Photography community and we would really love to see every type of photographer come along and help make this the most enjoyable meet yet! Everyone is welcome and it’s totally free.

We’re also going to be handing out literally thousands of dollars in prizes on the day to be drawn at random, so please make sure you register to get involved!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!









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