Sunday 15th March– 5:00pm

Escape the city


Join us for a relaxed sunset BBQ and shoot at this iconic central coast location, roughly 1.5 hours out of Sydney. We want to give everyone the opportunity to meet and learn from their favourite local photographers, Everyone in this amazing community has been super friendly so make sure you come along, have a bite to eat and say hi!

There is a huge range of compositions available along here. Multiple jettys to shoot with strong leading lines, Reflections, long exposures, and even drone shots! (if you’re allowed 🙂 ). We thought that given the fact that March tends to be one of the better months for catching good skies and light, no better time to organise an out of town sunset meet.

Once again, we’ll be running a BBQ before we shoot, so make sure your bring along your camera, tripod and an empty stomach.

So that we don’t have any blow-ins helping themselves to the BBQ, could you please register below. This will also give us the ability to contact you if there are any last minute adjustments needing to be made due to weather!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!









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